Potential Dangers from Using Fake Gel Nail Polish!

Polish gel is beautiful, shiny and durable, but like all types of nail beauty, gel nails have some chemicals, they affect your health and your nails. It is undeniable that gel nail polish is currently one of the beauty trends that many girls love and it promises to be a very hot trend in the nail industry for a long time.

Potential Dangers from Using Fake Gel Nail Polish!

We cannot deny that gel nail polish color has many unique advantages such as: diverse colors, high color fastness (you can keep the gel polish for up to 1 month without chipping and peeling off), and glossiness. Although there are so many advantages, gel nail polish color still has disadvantages that most nail polish must have more or less.

So, let’s research about the potential dangers when you choose and buy gel nail polish, which has poor-quality! Then we will show you a good kind of gel nail color polish that you ought to try!

Why Do Girls Love Gel Nails?

Gel nail polish is a product line that has shaken the beauty industry and especially the nail industry for many years, it is an effective method to beautify your hands in a very short time, it is extremely suitable for busy office ladies because just apply 2 layers on each finger and the color is very beautiful and standard, then it only takes 1 minute to dry each layer of gel polish.

So, to own a durable and beautiful nail set for at least 2 weeks, you only need to spend about 15-20 minutes! That is the reason why girls all over the world love, choose and buy gel nail polish to create their own unique nails at home. So, if you don’t know how to choose a good gel nail color polish to use, what will happen to you?

The Potential Dangers When You Use Poor- Quality Gel Nail Polish

Formaldehyde in gel nail polish is the culprit that makes nails brittle and easy to break. Toluene is present in gel nail polish, which when vaporized in the air causes irritation to the nerves, eyes, throat and lungs. Ethyl acetate and Butyl acetate (commonly used as nail polish solvents) are irritating to the heart, liver, and lungs.

In addition, in gel nail polish there is also formaldehyde, if exposed to too much formaldehyde, women are also likely to have an increased risk of asthma. On the other hand, the chemical solvents in nail polish make people smell dizzy, causing redness and burning eyes.

In addition, these chemicals also have a risk of causing birth defects, Phthalate and Toluene substances, if absorbed into the body for a long time, can cause miscarriage or birth defects. Toluene is an additive in gasoline used in nail polish to make it smoother and thinner and to keep the paint color longer.

However, using gel nail polishes containing too much of these chemicals regularly and during this time can have a major effect on the central nervous system, affecting both women’s fetal health.

Those are some serious harms when accidentally choosing the wrong price gel nail polish with poor quality. Here, we will give you the solution!

A Good Kind of Gel Nail Color Polish That You Ought to Try!

Today, on the market, there are many nail brands as well as many nail supply stores that specialize in providing for nails, especially gel nail polish, but to beautify nails effectively and safely, we all need to learn about the best and easiest nail art methods for ourselves. Then learn about the supporting product lines including their pros, cons, features, and uses. Then Lavis gel color nail polish is the solution we want to show you guys now!

Lavis polish gel is the latest product line and it is radically improved on modern technology . This product line is manufactured entirely in the US with an extremely diverse number of gel polish colors. This collection has over 108 different colors. You will easily choose and combine gel polish colors and nail accessories to create luxurious, unique, cool or cute nail designs in just the way you want.

In addition, this product line is very easy to use. You don’t need to spend a lot of time messing around with it and the most outstanding advantage that makes Lavis gel polish color the solution for girls is because it does not contain some of the above-mentioned chemical ingredients, minimizing the factors affect the health and well-being of your nails. On the other hand, the composition of this gel nail polish contains a number of nutrients and vitamins to make nails strong and beautiful.

Final Thought

Durable-beautiful gel nail polish is something everyone recognizes, but not all gel nail polishes guarantee you more beautiful nails for more than 2 weeks without discoloration or peeling, especially without damage after removal. Therefore, choosing good products is extremely important for girls who are passionate about wearing gel nails.