Top 5 Best Cover up for Acne: How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

Best Cover up for Acne

If you ever think wearing makeup perfectly is easy, ask from people who have acne, I am sure you will have to reconsider your statement. On normal skin, makeup blends conveniently while on acne covered skin, it clogs on the textured surface and does not gives a smooth finish. Acne break outs also look extremely unpresentable. For these purposes, it is necessary to cover up acne so that skin may look nice and smooth. Use of good cover up products can provide you a perfect camouflage, no matter how severe your acne breakout is. To make your struggle a little bit easier, we have collected a few of the best cover up products for acne which you must try.

Tropical Waters Rose Water Face Mist Make up Setting Spray

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The tropical waters rose water makeup spray gives cooling sensation to the skin and sets the makeup perfectly no matter how much textured the skin is. The natural extracts provide moisturization to the skin and maintain the natural tone of the skin. It allows all the makeup to settle perfectly without drying or chipping off as it happens mostly in acne prone skin. The spray gives a beautiful glow to the skin and appears as a perfect finish to all the makeup that you have applied. It is indeed the best setting spray for acne prone skin as it allows makeup to mix well and settle into the pimple covered areas.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer

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Neutrogena skin clearing concealer is not an ordinary product. It acts as both a skin care as well as makeup product. The beautiful natural shades of the concealer hide all the skin imperfections and make it look smoother and even toned. The inclusion of salicylic acid makes it a treatment for acne breakouts. So this concealer not only covers up all the pimple covered areas but also slowly reduces and helps to prevent acne in future. You can make it a part of your regular skin care and makeup routine and you’ll observe gradual healing of acne and scars.

Liquimat Acne Cover-Up Lotion

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The Liquimat acne lotion acts as a gentle acne healing ointment while covering up all the skin blemishes. It has healing ingredients which make it suitable for acne prone skin. It makes the skin look fresh and glowing and meanwhile helps in fighting acne growth. It is good to be used during day or at night.

Ever Glam K-Beauty Skin Perfector Korean BB Cream

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Ever Glam has produced the best BB creams for acne prone skin with countless amazing features. This BB cream miraculously covers all the acne spots, fine lines, wrinkles or any sign of imperfection from the skin. It provides the same tone to all areas of the face. The product has moisturizing and nourishing properties. In addition to that, it also contains SPF 30, so also protects the skin from harmful UV radiations.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation

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The Revlon color stay foundation provides a long day wear on the skin without letting the oils to ooze out from the face and thus covering up and preventing acne. It gives the skin a natural look and serves a perfect base for all the makeup that’s going to be applied on the skin. It does not allows any of the product to chip off or scale out.


If you are also tired of your recurrent acne break outs and your severe facial acne makes you feel less confident, what’s stopping you from using acne cover up products? Where acne treatment products might take months or even years to show their results, our selected products are the perfect short cut to hide all those acne and pimples and make your skin perfectly smooth and attractive. Do give these products a try and you’ll be thoroughly astonished to see their amazing results.