Best 5 Blue Nail Designs for Your Hands

Blue nail designs are trending on Instagram and Twitter. Many celebrities are wearing them as a sign of loyalty to different brands and prestige. Besides, the color makes your nails envious, making every penny you spend on a blue manicure worth it. This year is supposedly the best time to turn things around. Thus, if you are looking for a clean slate, why don’t you start it with a high note? A blue manicure design will help you achieve all this as it will not only give you confidence, but it will also be responsible for a perfect mien to help you stand out among your peers, friends, and family. You can trust blue nail designs to instigate your triumph as an iconic beauty. As a color of the year, we have compiled a few hottest blue designs that might catch your attention.

Top Blue Nail Designs

Blue and Yellow Nails

As its name sounds, you get to experiment with your artistic capabilities with blue and yellow colors. The design is excellent for people who love venturing into different things. Thus, the combination of ocean blue and lemon shade is the perfect way to start your long venture into manicures. Besides, the colors are widely available. You can even try it out on dip nails like DND, Kiara sky, or SNS powder colors.

Additionally, the effect can be enhanced by breaking up the distinct colors using a graphic black line. The two colors can be used in reverse French manicure creation. Inspiration can also emanate from an abstract Mondrian’s artwork. Just make sure to use tapes to straighten the lines or a thin brush to make them extra-fine.

Blue Adidas Inspired

Adidas diehards now have a reason to smile as their brand loyalty can be shown using a blue Adidas inspired nail design. The design looks elegant and unique. It gets its inspiration from the Adidas logo, and the resultant prestigious look is unmatched. It involves first painting your nails white and then waiting for them to dry out. Cut thin tape strips and superimpose them on the coating across the fingertips at an angle forming clean lines. The entire nailbed should then be polished with a blue color. When this layer dries up, you can remove the tape strips to expose an exquisitely looking manicure. This trick can be performed on gel and acrylic nails and dip nails. You can also try it out on DND, Kiara sky, Nugenesis, and SNS dip powder nails, among other dip powder systems.

Blue Cloud Nail Art

If you are looking for courage, this design helps you keep your head up amongst friends, colleagues, and family. It assures you of unmatched elation as it stands out among other designs. Besides being soft and straightforward, the design is perfect for every occasion and every season. You can introduce uniqueness into the design by using distinct blue shades, such as ocean reflection or sky blue. The fine lines on the design are drawn using tiny brushes to achieve the perfect shape and results. However, the design requires excellent artistic skills, which take time to master.

Blue + Gold Nails

Did you know that blue and gold can create an irresistible rapport? Well, blue and gold nails bring out the effects better. You can complement your every day all year round with this duck egg shade. Adding depth and dimension only takes dusting the nails with the exquisite metal as a finishing touch. It leaves you looking as if gold was melted on your fingertips, and the three shiny artwork is perfect for everyone. Just go for the best length and shape that results in a stunning nuance.

Blue Nails Abstract Art

This abstract art nail design gives you a chance to showcase your nail art skills. It involves mixing different colors that give the nails geometric shapes. You can give them a touch of perfection by using bold black lines and white splashes. Ensure that the lines running across your nails are sharp, which can be achieved using tape strips. Furthermore, you can achieve a multidimensional effect by using distinct hues. Let your creativity reign as you create a unique yet exquisite and desirable design.

Additionally, other award-winning blue nail designs that you can try out, such as the Blue eyes nail art, blue line nail art, blue leopard print nails, blue nails, and jewel detail, blue stars nail art,  blue tips nails, blue waves nail art, cobalt blue, and silver nails, matter blue and feature glitter nails and feature blue nails.


Blue, unlike other colors, looks good on your nails all year round. Therefore, you can spend an entire year wearing different blue nail designs, and everyone will turn envious. All it takes is a leap of faith and the mastery to perform that needed artwork. If you do not have the skills, you can also seek professional services for the best results.