Things You Should Keep in Mind Getting a Tattoo for the First Time

The word tattoo can be scary for some, likewise coolness or swag for some. For some, it can be just an expression of love or a painful or beautiful but memorable memory. A tattoo can have great significance in someone’s life, and you may also be one of those who want to get one but too skeptical to go for it.

Things Should Mind Getting a Tattoo for the First Time

Don’t worry; if you are worried about too many things, then we will break down all the possible things that you can keep in mind before going for a tattoo. If you are worried about the pain, then there is no miracle remedy for that. You have to bear the pain, but we can share some tips to help you cope with the pain. Here in this article we have covered everything starting from tattoo machine, precaution as well as aftercare.

Tattoo Machines

Although it’s not your work to know about all the complicated mechanisms of a tattoo machine, you can have some basic knowledge about tattoo kits and machines to understand it better.

Rotary and coil are the two types of machines that most tattoo artists use.

Now why you need to know about these is because some are used as a liner, and some are shader. As you can already understand that the shader one will cover more area at once, using more needles hence giving you more pain.

The Spot

Do you know that your pain differs depending on the place you are getting the tattoo? A tattoo is a permanent thing, so it is essential to evaluate where you want to get it. Not just because of the pain, but because it will be there always.

Colored Tattoo

If you are thinking about getting a colored tattoo, please consider consulting with experts in this field. You need to know what kind of colored ink your tattoo artist uses and how safe it is. Colored tattoo ink can cause inflammation and different problems if it is not up to the mark in quality.


You need to consult with the tattoo parlor experts first and your tattoo artist about what kind of precautions you should take before going for one. They have plenty of experience in this field, and I am sure they also want your satisfaction.

Don’t drink on that day or the night before to be in a good state while the tattoo is happening. Don’t think that drinking will ease the pain; it will worsen the experience as you will not stay still and concentrated.

Don’t take any medicine that can work as a blood thinner. If you want a pain killer, then discuss that with your tattoo artist beforehand.

Bring a Friend

Believe me or not, but it will help. We all need some sort of distraction or someone who can comfort us. You can even talk to your artist if they want to, as some prefer to stay silent when working.


You can choose a small design or a design with less work and less shading to lessen your pain. They usually use a tattoo transfer printer for the stencil to prepare to outline the tattoo. So you can select a design beforehand, even your design, just ask them to make a stencil of that.


Aftercare is the most crucial part if you want to avoid any further discomfort or infection. You should consult with your tattoo artist about this. Some parlors give specific lotions to use on the skin as well.


Just like everything else, a tattoo has good and bad on both sides as well. So before going for a tattoo, you should evaluate every single factor but don’t wait too much for some minor reasons.