The 11 Best DND Gel Polish Summer Colors in 2021

The winters are receding fast, and spring is right upon us now. Summer is not far away. Hence, a change in the nail polish colors is much overdue by now. The winter months witnessed people sporting dark colors to suit the climate and their moods. With spring and summer on the horizon, it is time to change tracks and switch over to brighter colors. Here are some best DND gel polish summer colors you can try out before the onset of summer.

These best DND gel polish colors will be there all over the place this summer. You can have a great time oscillating between the bright neon shades to the vibrant coral hues. Let us go through the colorful journey in this blog.

Top DND Gel Polish Summer Colors

The Blue – Make a great beginning

Blue gel lacquer polish can bring back glittering memories as it is the favorite color of almost every young woman you meet today. Preferences are changing with people shifting from the deep red shades to the shimmery blue nail polish hues. The appealing aspect of this color is that it adds the perfect amount of brightness to any look.

The Green China Glaze Look – Long-lasting finish

Green is the in thing today. With spring setting in any time now, you will experience greenery everywhere around you. The seasons are changing, and global warming will not allow us to enjoy spring for more than a couple of months. That short period should suffice to ring in the light green China Glaze shades. It can be the perfect welcome to your summer months.

Neon Orange can make the difference

While the winter months witnessed somber colors, the summer is the right time to introduce the brighter hues. There cannot be a better color than neon orange when it comes to displaying brightness. You have a fantastic range of orange colors in the DND gel polish summer colors collection.

Sand-colored nail polish – Gel with the beach

The summer sun beckons you to the pristine beaches where you can find various hues of sand. One of the better combinations is the beige summer nail polish. It can be the perfect match to the sand color whereby you feel one with nature.

Strawberry season is just around the corner

With summer approaching fast, you will enjoy consuming your favorite strawberries. The punchy pink strawberry hues are quickly becoming popular among young girls. It brings the best out of these young ladies as they strut around proudly displaying the strawberry nails while having your cup of favorite strawberries.

The Cloud colors redefine fashion

Anyone would welcome clouds hovering around the sky in the summer months to protect them from the hot sun. When you welcome the white clouds, you should not shy away from wearing a similar hue on your nails. The white color with a tinge of light blue gives you the feeling of a clear, bright sky on your fingers.

The yellows are back with a bang

Many people consider yellow as tacky and cheap, but hundreds of exciting yellow shades are available in the best DND polish colors collection. The lemon-yellow shade is one of the lightest shades you have. The yellow ochre shade and golden hues make their presence felt this summer as they give the impression of looking like a fancy Italian beach vacation in a bottle.

The glittering polish will catch everyone’s eye wherever you go

Glittering polish is gradually trending nowadays. The summer months are ideal for displaying the glittery blue, red, and green colors mixed in a stunning shade of purple. The glittering golden and silvery hues are also the favorites of people during summer. These colors can make you the cynosure of all eyes wherever you go.

The neutral colors look exciting during the summer wedding season

Summer is the time when you attend weddings. The neutral nail polish hue is the ideal one to wear when you dress up for the wedding. The beige color with a soft coral undertone can match any dress you wear and make you feel on par with the bride.

The reds are a perennial favorite

With various DND gel polish and lacquer on display during summer, it can be easy to forget the red hues. However, the bright shining quality of the brilliant red shades does not allow you to do that. Reds will always remain a favorite of women globally.

The pink nails add a touch of glamour

Red nails do not suit every woman, especially if they are dark-skinned. They can very well try out the lighter pink shades as an ideal contrast to their skin tone.


This blog has discussed some of the best DND daisy nail polish colors you can try out in the summer months. These beautiful colors are waiting for you to try them out. Pick up your favorite DND summer color and have a blast this summer.